Protecting People & Property 

Natale Traffic Management ensures that all traffic controllers are responsible to manage all different types of traffic management solutions such as:

  • Road & Construction Traffic Control
  • Event Traffic Control
  • Traffic Management Plans
  • RTA Accredited Traffic Controllers
  • Traffic Management Signage
  • Emergency Response

Controllers and management can organise signage and traffic safety equipment in the work precinct using the TMP and ensure everyone is kept safe. All Natale Traffic Management staff are provided with appropriate PPE. This includes high-visibility uniform, two-way radios, steel-capped safety boots and any other PPE required for the project/site.

Natale Traffic Management will work closely with clients to:

  1. Identify their Traffic needs;
  2. Search the market to provide the most appropriate and cost effective solutions and then;
  3. Manage the entire process on the client’s behalf and request.